The name do.t.e. stands for ‘down to earth’, reflecting his mission statement to produce wine without the use chemical substances in either the vineyard or cellar. He carries out fermentation in a number of different vessels, ranging from cement vats to terra cotta and neutral barrels. With this experimental approach, Filippo produces wines that can be anything from feather light and ethereal to deep and structured in texture.

do.t.e- 'Don't Pet Nat Me’ 2019

  • Producer: Filippo Calabresi, Do.t.e

    Region: Tuscany, Italy

    Style: Pet- Nat, Sparkling

    Taste: Wild Cider Vibes, but actually a Bubbly Pet Nat with Light Tannins and a Ton of Acidity to Elevate this Fresh and Crazy Wine

    Grapes: Viognier

    Agriculture: Organic, Biodynamic Uncertified, Vegan

    Year: 2019

    ABV: 11%

    Size: 75cl bottle