Ambiguo means ambiguous. It is a blend between a red wine and a white, you get both the flavours but can't recognize what kind of grapes it is. The label portrays his brother.


Ambiguo is pleasant to drink for its low tannic level and its hints of cherry and red fruits. You can enjoy pairing with both white and red meats.


Red wine with Prugnolo Gentile 50% and San Colombano 50%.

Red and white grapes are co-fermented for 6 days and aging in steel tanks for 6 months.


The company “I Cangianti by Stoppini” was born from the love of the Stoppini brothers, Matteo and Luca, for life in the open air and the pleasure of  drinking natural wine. So it was decided to open this small artisan cellar, taking up the traditions that their grandparents passed on to them.


I Cangianti by Stoppini- Ambiguo 2019

  • Producer: I Cangianti by Stoppini 

    Region: Tuscany, Italy

    Style: Red 

    Taste: Medium Red. Dry With Notes of Cherry and Red Fruits

    Grapes: Gamay del Trasimeno, San Colombano

    Year: 2019

    ABV: 12.5%

    Size: 75cl bottle