All of the wines they produce are the definition of hand-made. Small ferments, wild yeast, no new oak or mechanical pumps used on the wines, no fining or filtering and no additions, including no S02 at any stage of wine making.


The sum of this is minuscule amounts of multiple different wines. All of them idiosyncratic.


All of them full of character, freshness and purity. And above all, alive.

Momento Mori Wines, Fistful of Flowers 2020

  • Producer: Momento Mori Wines

    Region: Gippsland, Australia

    Style: Orange, Skin Contact

    Taste: Florals on the Nose, Perfumed Stone Fruits, Musk and Spring Blossoms. Fresh and Pure with a Cool Slated Steeliness and a Fine Salinity to Keep it all Together

    Grapes: Moscato Giallo

    Agriculture: Organic, No Added SO2, Unfined & Unfiltered

    Year: 2020

    ABV: 11.5%

    Size: 75cl bottle