Verduzzo Trevigiano from a thirty year old parcel planted over alluvial soils on the banks of the River Piave. This fermented on the skins for ten days, before six months of ageing in old barrels. A second fermentation occurred in the bottle thanks to the addition of fresh juice and a concentrated must made from passito grapes.


A lively, hazy sparkling wine, golden in colour with inviting notes of yeast, quince and spice. Incredibly vinous, it impresses with flesh, grip and a clean, salty finish.

Ombretta Agricola- Bianco Mosso 2019

  • Producer: Ombretta Agricola

    Region: Piave, Veneto, Italy

    Style: Pet- Nat, Sparkling

    Taste: Notes of Yeast, Quince & Spice with a Clean Salty Finish

    Grapes: Verduzzo Trevigiano

    Year: 2019

    ABV: 11%

    Size: 75cl bottle