Partida Creus is the project of two Italians now in residence in the Tarragona region of Catalonia, just south of Barcelona. The idea of the project was to work with historical, often overlooked local varietals that in many cases were not recognised by the D.O. of the area: Penedès. Massimo and Antonella strategically went about buying up small plots of abandoned vineyards dotted around the area where mostly unknown varietals such as Garrut, Vinyater, Samsó and Queixal de Llop grew. They sought to revitalise the vines and work out the best expression for these old varetals, working without chemicals in the vineyard and without selected yeasts or any other additions in the cellar. They make an impressively dizzying number of different wines, all of which are unified by a very distinctive house style - raw, viceral and pungent reds, and salty, turbid, expressive whites. As a couple they have an insatiable energy which really comes through in the wine.

Partida Creus- SP Subirat Parent Blanco 2019

  • Producer: Partida Creus 

    Region: Catalunya, Spain

    Style: White 

    Taste: Fresh Aromatics of Tropical Fruit, Orange Peel and Flowery Notes. A Stand Out for its Freshness, Minerality and Zippy Acidity

    Grapes: Subpirat Parent, Malvasia

    Year: 2019

    ABV: 10%

    Size: 75cl bottle