The Bio Pedro Olivares wine project was born from the passion and continuous effort of a tireless oenologist, in search of new challenges. His philosophy and values ​​are based on a very specific way of making good wines, understanding the concept of 'multidamic' as a step beyond biodynamic culture. The strategies and philosophies of Pedro Olivares are recreations without free will, to obtain life and energy, and bring them hand in hand with knowledge to the table. The wine is made in the field, but it is controlled and magnified in the cellar.


Vinos Bio Pedro Olivares, Bobal Serie Wild 2020

  • Producer: Pedro Olivares

    Region: Murcia, Levante, Spain

    Style: Red

    Taste: It is Thick but Passes Well with Friendly Tannins Well Accompanied by the Wood, this year Slightly Toasted. Lots of Fruit and Complexity. Over Time it will be a Great Wine

    Grapes: Bobal

    Agriculture: Organic, Vegan

    Year: 2020

    ABV: 15%

    Size: 75cl