The name Susucaru comes from a Sicilian expression meaning “they stole it” which is what Frank’s crew shouted when they realized most of the grapes from their first vintage had vanished.


Good luck finding any Susucaru at your local wine shop. Since Action Bronson shared his love for it, the few stores carrying it sold out.Stole It or Sold Out…Same Thing Lol. “You saw my face when they brought the Sususcaru out. I was like a little f*(kin’ kid, like my mom just bought the NBA Jam Tournament Edition. I been waiting for this Susucaru all my life. I love this one.” - Action Bronson


Rosato - Skin contact for texture and territorial identity, malolactic fermentation fully finished for density, fluidity and stability. Not only a refreshing summer wine from a blend of Malvasia, Moscadella, Insolia and Nerello Mascalese, as this is a “rosé” which can also be regarded as a light red, like a “Jura” wine, pairing well with a wide variety of dishes. Serve Chilled! Open 20-30 mins Before Drinking.


The Susucaru Rosso expresses Etna as produced in a more traditional way of blending different contrada’s as well as different varietals to obtain a fragrant, elegant and fluid wine with structure and personality.


This red wine is a field-blend of mostly Nerello Mascalese (85%) with other local varietals from all their vineyards: Nerello Capuccio, Allicante Boushet, Minella and Uva Francesa.

Frank Cornelissen- Susucaru Pack

  • Producer: Frank Cornelissen
    Region: Etna, Sicily, Italy

    Style: Rose

    Taste: Aromas of Red Fruit, Notes of Spices & Minerals.  Juicy & Smooth, Perfect for a Summer Day.
    Grapes: Malvasia, Moscadella, Cattaratto, Nerello Mascalese
    Year: 2020

    ABV: 12.5%
    Size: 75cl bottle

  • Producer: Frank Cornelissen
    Region: Etna, Sicily, Italy

    Style: Red

    Taste: Light Bodied, Subtle Mint, Soft Peppercorn, Delicate Sweet Cherry
    Grapes: Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Capuccio, Allicante Boushet, Minella & Uva Francesa
    Year: 2019

    ABV: 13%
    Size: 75cl bottle