Pink and sprightly, with wild fruits, married with soft bubbles and a cream sherbet texture, refreshing and structured in equal measure.


Athingmill is a bit of everything, a snapshot of the vintage. Combining all wines and ciders from that year, with no particular design, just what instinctively comes to hand. 

Tillingham Wines- Athingmill 2020

  • Producer: Tillingham Wines

    Region: East Sussex, England

    Style: Pet- Nat, Sparkling

    Taste: Wild Fruits, Soft Bubbles and a Cream Sherbet Texture

    Grapes: Ortega 11%, Madeline Angevine 11%, Pinot Meunier Woodchurch 11%, Bacchus 11%, Pinot Blanc 11%, Pinot Noir 11%, Auxerrois 11%, Chardonnay 11%, Regent 8%, Cider 4%

    Year: 2020

    ABV: 9%

    Size: 75cl bottle