From the winemaker:

 “This cuvée is a one-off – as 2020 was a very hot and dry year, the grapes that would normally become Mayga Watt got very concentrated, dark-skinned and ripe, resulting in a slightly different expression of the site, with more cherry-like, “kir cerise” aromas, so I thought a different name would be more fitting for this particular vintage!”

Vignereuse, Mayga Dark 2020

  • Producer: Marine Leys, Vignereuse

    Region: Andillac, Gaillac, France

    Style: Pet Nat, Sparkling

    Taste: Rich and Fruity Red Bubbles, with Deep Amarena Cherry both on the Nose and the Palate

    Grapes: Gamay

    Agriculture: Organic

    Year: 2020

    ABV: 13%

    Size: 75cl bottle