Collection: Partida Creus

Partida Creus is a renowned natural wine producer located in the Penedès region of Catalonia, Spain. The winery was founded by Massimo Marchiori and Antonella Gerosa, an Italian couple who settled in the region in the early 2000s. The couple's approach to winemaking is rooted in organic and biodynamic principles, with a focus on minimal intervention in the vineyard and the cellar.

Partida Creus is known for its commitment to natural winemaking. They follow organic and biodynamic practices in the vineyard, avoiding the use of synthetic chemicals and pesticides. In the cellar, they practice minimal intervention, allowing the grapes to ferment with indigenous yeasts and avoiding the use of additives.

The winery works with old, traditional grape varieties that are native to the region. They have sought out and revived forgotten grape varieties, contributing to the preservation of local viticultural biodiversity. The vineyards are located in the Massís de Bonastre, a mountainous area with limestone soils.

Partida Creus works with a variety of grapes, including indigenous varieties like Sumoll, Xarel-lo, Garnacha, and others. They also cultivate some international varieties. The focus on indigenous grapes is in line with their commitment to expressing the unique terroir of the Penedès region.

Partida Creus is known for its distinctive and artistic labels. The labels often feature hand-drawn illustrations and convey a sense of creativity and uniqueness, mirroring the individuality of each wine.

Over the years, Partida Creus has gained recognition within the natural wine movement and has a dedicated following among wine enthusiasts who appreciate their authentic and terroir-driven approach to winemaking.