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2NaturKinder, Von Hexen und Feen 2019

2NaturKinder, Von Hexen und Feen 2019

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Producer: Melanie & Michael Voelker, 2Naturkinder

Region: Kitzengen, Franconia, Germany

Style: Cider

Taste: Lush Apple-Floral Aromas and Bright Acidity

Grapes: Cider-Apple Varieties from a Semi-Wild Orchard

Agriculture: Organic

Year: 2019

ABV: 7.5%

Size: 75cl bottle

From the producer:

On the label, you have Pomona, the Roman goddess / nymph of gardens and orchards. The name Von Hexen und Feen translates to From witches and fairies. The orchard we get our fruit from was completely wild before our friend Christian made it accessible. It’s a long plot on a slope with plenty of wilderness around and in between. And to me, it feels like a place where witches and fairies would live.

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