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Katla Wines, Queendom 2021

Katla Wines, Queendom 2021

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Producer: Jas Swan, Katla Wines

Region: Mosel Valley, Germany

Style: Pet- Nat, Sparkling, Rose

Taste: Red Fruit Notes of Cherry, Cranberry, Raspberry and Bramble Fruits

Grapes: Regent, Grauburgunder, Riesling


Year: 2020

ABV: 9.5%

Size: 75cl

From the Producer:

Katla Wines is a micro negoce winery that I founded in 2019 in the Mosel Valley in Germany. I buy organically grown grapes and turn them into wine. I prefer working manually, like using a wooden basket press or also a vougre to destemm some of my grapes. I make wines that I like to drink, but that don’t essentially go along with the traditional style of the area that I am based at. The grapes that I purchase come from Mosel but also nearby regions like Nahe & Rheinhessen. Despite not having my own land, I do try to look after as many of the vineyards I work with as much as possible and harvest everything by hand. In the cellar I work without any additions or neither do I remove anything from the wine. It’s just alcoholic grape juice. I prefer to make my own traditions, instead of following others. 

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