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Testalonga, Baby Bandito Follow Your Dreams 2022

Testalonga, Baby Bandito Follow Your Dreams 2022

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ProducerTestalonga, Craig & Carla Hawkins

RegionSwartland, South Africa

Style: Red

Taste: Red Cherry plus Dried Herbs and a Slight Earthy Note. Good Fruit Concentration Bright Acidity and a Nicely Grippy Finish, Light but Flavourful

Grapes: Carignan 

Agriculture: Organic, Biodynamic Uncertified, Vegan

Year: 2022

ABV: 11.5%

Size: 75cl

Red cherry plus dried herbs and a slight earthy note. Good fruit concentration bright acidity and a nicely grippy finish, light but flavourful.

The Baby Bandito labels, and the idea of a “series” using different and bright colours, was influenced by street artists. The names of the wines come from expressions that we use as if giving encouragement to a child.

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