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United Cellars of Tekov, ASAP Riesling 2021

United Cellars of Tekov, ASAP Riesling 2021

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Producer: Marek from Pivnica Čajkov and Ján from Pivnica Brhlovce

Region: Tekov, Slovakia 

Style: Skin Contact

Taste: Herbs, Yellow Fruit and Smoke. Enticingly Aromatic Skin-Contact White with Superb Acidity and Salty Finish. Almost too Easy to Drink.

Grapes: Riesling, Noria


Year: 2021

ABV: 12.5%

Size: 75cl

Like a magic botanical garden with something to marvel at at each turn, from the fresh scent of bergamots to a quince tree orchard, surrounded by generous honey bees who can't seem to decide between a freaky tiger orchid and rosemary shrub full of wise, opium smoking lizards.

Label art by Klára Zápotocká, a Prague-based designer: “I tried to capture the poetic description on the label as accurately as possible: a garden full of diverse plants, creatures, details, buzz, so the drinker has something to look at, something to look for, and can get lost in the seemingly small picture while enjoying the wine as their gaze meets the bottle on the table.”

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